Flexible Work Hours

The phrase “flexible work schedule” might make you think of a fun new job opportunity or an employee perk. Some companies indeed offer flexible schedules as benefits, but it’s important to know the potential drawbacks before signing up for one. 

Flexible schedules can be conducive for employees who have children or other family obligations since they allow time to tend to those responsibilities while still meeting their company’s needs. 

However, these arrangements also present challenges such as navigating priorities and managing your workload with more limited hours. Let’s explore the pros and cons!

Top Advantages of Flexible Work Schedules

Work Schedule: When you have a flexible work schedule, you can choose when (and how long) to work. 

Family Life: Employees with multiple family obligations in their life benefit from this type of arrangement because it allows them the time they need to fulfill those responsibilities. 

Employee Engagement: Employees who have a flexible work schedule are more motivated to do their best. Why? They feel that they are cared for and are able to do their jobs on their own terms, rather than according to someone else’s clock.

Potential Cons of Flexible Scheduling

Workload: Employees have to figure out how to balance their work with these new responsibilities, which can be difficult. They may need more time and energy than before. Flexible schedules can also lead to feeling overwhelmed because of the pressure of working fewer hours but needing to get as much done as those who have a traditional work schedule.

Employee Engagement Issues: Employees with flexible work schedules may be more likely to leave a company because of the increased freedom they have outside of their job.

Absence Management: For some employers, the number of employees with flexible work schedules may increase because this type of schedule allows them to take time off when they need it. However, tracking these absences may be more difficult than tracking those of regular employees.

As you can see, a flexible work schedule can be especially helpful for those who have multiple responsibilities outside of their career, but it also presents challenges.

Take the time to consider whether you want flexibility in your schedule before signing up with an employer that offers it. This way, you can determine whether a flexible work schedule is truly right for your needs.