Walking To Work

Sustainability is a buzzword that has been used to describe the process of sustaining, preserving, and protecting natural resources for future generations. It refers to something being capable of being sustained or enduring. 

Sustainability is more than just an environmental issue; it’s also about social responsibility and economic viability. There are many ways in which companies can make their business sustainable, from reducing waste to making environmentally friendly decisions with suppliers. 

Below are ways to make your business green, sustainable, and socially responsible.

  1. Reduce Waste and Be Environmentally Friendly

One step toward making your business environmentally friendly is reducing waste and adopting an eco-friendly means of production and disposal. 

One way to do this is by simply recycling all paper products in the office; you can also encourage your employees to use reusable water bottles by providing a discount if they bring their own. 

  1. Find Sustainable Suppliers

You must choose suppliers with sustainability in mind, particularly around the production and distribution of your products and services. By choosing green energy companies as well as ethical suppliers, you’ll be able to reduce the footprint of your business.

  1. Spend Less on Advertising and More on Customer Service

Everything from search engine optimization to social media marketing is costly, especially if you’re only trying to reach individuals in your target market. 

The costs can add up quickly and eventually reduce the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. So why not spend your money on getting customers through investing in great customer service?

  1. Encourage Employees to Drive Sustainable Commutes

If you’re encouraging the use of sustainable means of transportation at your business, it is also important to have an active role in suggesting employees go green with their commute as well. Having a carpool or mass transportation pass is one way to cut on gasoline and encourage employees to walk or bike to work. 

With a few simple steps, you can help your company move toward becoming more environmentally and socially responsible. All it takes is a little bit of work and effort to make these changes happen.