Business Startups

After the pandemic, everyone had to adopt new technology and reconsider their jobs. This spurred many people to consider the possibility of moving from their typical 9 to 5 jobs to a world of independent work.

Before the pandemic, people speculated that old employer-employee models were no longer necessary. Technology has made gig or contract work easier because it’s easier to find customers and offer services for customers no matter where they are.

“I Think I Can Do it Alone”

The pandemic helped many people realize that they have the ability to build – and most importantly, maintain – their own business. The fragility of life has also left many wondering, “If not now, when?” 

For entrepreneurs, there was an abundance of opportunities to start their own business due to the lack of competition. The pandemic’s impact on business led to a sudden halt of commerce and a near-total reset of business as we know it. This has helped many people realize that there’s no better time than now to pursue their business dreams.

The search for a greater purpose in entrepreneurship is also at play here. The pandemic has led many people to think about what they want from life and how life should be lived for the most meaningful experience possible. This search led them to ask themselves, “What do I value most in life?”

They Decided on Their Own to Leave Their Jobs

Most people still value security, but a growing number have decided that it’s not worth sacrificing their freedom to get. Some people view working as an end in itself, and they haven’t had the experience of finding fulfillment by doing something they love instead. 

How Do They Make It Work?

Some entrepreneurs have decided to leave their jobs to pursue their dreams. Others still hold onto their day jobs while pursuing something more for themselves at night and on the weekends.

The shift toward independent work is a subtle one that happens slowly over time as people come to terms with the value of what they want most in life versus what they feel obligated to do for money. Only time will tell to see the true impact of the COVID-19 impact on entrepreneurship in our world.